Traveling accross the country and world

Traveling across the country one really needs some information. Travel section of The Forum of Pakistan is created to provide valuable information and news to the readers in an easy and understandable language and way. The endeavor has been made to keep the information about Traveling and Tourism in a compact shape and size. To get the requisite information, click the link below:

Traveling Infrastructure:

  1. Means Of Traveling. Depending upon the availability of traveling infrastructure, one can tour around through either of the means of traveling:
    1. By Road. A well planned and laid out Road network is available for traveling across the entire country. Traveling by road involve varied type of areas to travel. In the Urban areas, number of  means of traveling are available. The most famous and adopted mean are motorbikes and scooters. These are popular because of their cheapest and prompt availability. The other types of transport available for urban travelers are Tangas, Rickshaws, Taxis,  Wagons, Buses and Rail (in limited cities only). For more details about Road Transportation click here  >>>>>>>Continue
    2. By Rail. Rail transportation is the cheapest of all available means of communications in the country.
  2. Road Network
    1. Important Roads