Revival of Truth

Revival of Truth

General Zia will be remembered for a long time at least till we get over with this mess and hopefully Army will step into newer territory, revising their earlier paradigm of Zia’s Ameer ul Momineen’s dogmas, That policy of proxy war still haunts us. If we are to successfully fight religious extremism, all the old ideological claptrap which fueled our earlier endeavors deserves to be finally buried.

Revival of Truth
The country’s two leading politicians are now Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan (mercifully not anymore Asif Zardari, and even more mercifully Army not lead by General Kiayani).
Nawaz Sharif is terrified of the Taliban and not in a hundred years can have his heart and soul in any fight-to-the-death against the curse of Takfiri Islam. Imran had his chance to become the Pakistani Churchill or Ataturk or de Gaulle when he sat next to Nawaz Sharif in Peshawar…if he had stood up and denounced the cowardice and inaction of the assembled political leaders…if only he had said it was time for action not running around in circles. Alas he doesn’t have the courage. Moderate Pakistanis supported him in his entire thick and thin but not anymore, He can’t think straight when it comes to this problem.
Why are we still not getting a sense of urgency? We say we are in a state of war, the political circus finally coming round to this idea where Maulana Fazulur-Rehman wants to distinguish Terrorism and Religious atrocities. But one look at this assembled crowd and you can feel your confidence slipping away where only yesterday three political parties didn’t vote for constitutional amends and Military courts.
Chaudry Iftikhar’s ideology of openly siding extremism allowed shady militias to bear arms in pursuit of questionable ends. I will consider Pakistan can easily escape doomsday if this man is tried in Military courts and held responsible for over sixty thousand lives. Same way General Kayani’s reluctance of delaying Military operation is a loss which Nation is paying and he should be made to pay.

Revival of Truth
The distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Taliban may have become a casualty of the Waziristan operation and a good thing it has but appearances suggest that still they live in the hearts of Munawar Hassan, Maulana Fazulur-Rehman and Siraj ul Haq, this way taliban’s home front has not been wholly lost. As long as this distinction persists it becomes difficult to completely believe that the Al- Bakistan school of thought and the national school of ideology where a policeman can get away with open-blooded murder of Governor Punjab have really come out of the woods, still Mumtaz Qadri’s posters can be seen recognizing his glorifying act. We have to bid a final farewell to those old strategic theories for which we have paid such a heavy price.
This brand of the faith now spread across wide swathes of the world of Islam, which considers all heretics, thanks to Al-Saud’s Monarchy and Keen King Abdullah for pursuing it. The perpetrators of the Peshawar carnage were fired by the same spirit…carrying out their slaughter, with not a tremor in their fingers or compunction in their hearts. How long will our Islamic friends keep terrifying us in the name of their so called true faith?!!! Can in today’s world religious cleric Munawar Hassan be tormented in the name of humanity for provocation of qataal (Slaughter) in the name of Allah.
There must come another realization that just as there are no good or bad Taliban, there are no good or bad ‘jihads’. Why Maulana Abdul Aziz is still chanting slogans in favor of terrorists and can get away with it and in a country where religious doctrines are reined by a drunken priest who was witnessed by all on media.
But the question to ask: since when were wars fought by committees? Did the British ask a committee to devise a plan of action when Hitler started the Second World War? Did Stalin ask a Nisar Ali Khan to come up with the right answers when Russia was attacked? Did Putin make speeches when over 300 school children were massacred by Islamic extremists in the town of Beslan? Did the Sri Lankans keep scratching their heads when they decided to crush the Tamil insurgency or Did Bush ask his priest to whether or not invade Afghanistan or Iraq??
Religious extremists are convinced they are cutting a path to heaven, and setting out to embrace the holy virgins, when they commit a terrorist attack. According to this logic, they should welcome the formation of military courts because nothing else will so fast-track their journey to the celestial spaces. Forgiving these terrorists is up to Allah, our task is to arrange their meeting.

Revival of Truth By Adnan Majeed Khan

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