Our Politics

Our Politics

Our Politics

Our Politics

This is true the divide is very clear.

Our society needs a very thorough cleansing. Punishing one type of Rulers and their Supporters will not help us.

Peace and Prosperity is directly proportional to the level of TRUTH AND JUSTICE that prevails in a society.

Our political system is not people friendly. It is by, of and for the Feudals. This is not democracy, it is Feudal Cracy. One party or the other, a particular leader or the other is no more relevant. Our whole social and moral fabric has been infected. Social, moral,family and religious values have somehow disappeared from the scene.

This is the direct result of the Feudal Structure of our society. Feudalism thrives on corruption, promotes and rewards corruption. The level of corruption, injustice, incompetence, nepotism and last but not the least Jhoot, that is prevalent in our society is for all of us to see. Feudalism has traveled all over. It has infected our blood and has traveled to our bones. Feudalism creates a Class that is above law. That is exactly what we are suffering from . Everything revolves around I and Me.

The Feudalism can not repeated can not provide good governance. Although it only requires a four liner executive order, covering the following aspects :

a. Justice to all without any discrimination or favour.
b. All are equal before law.(really and not as a slogan)
c. Strict implementation of law without any discrimination, fear or favour.
d.All postings and promotions to be made strictly on merit and performance.

Isn’t it very simple. There is no dearth of good and competent officers in our Country. A trio of a DCO,DPO and Sessions Judge in a district can produce revolutionary results within six months. You just need to watch their personal corruption and protect them from any discrimination and pressures.

Unfortunately no Prime Minister can dare do this as long as he is dependent on 172 or so votes of The Feudal MNA s. All of them want and are given Officers of their choice down to SHO, Patwari level. It is inbuilt in our beloved Feudal System.


We have thus reached the current state of lawlessness, where law has become irrelevant and we are actually in an anarchy like situation.  Law enforcement officials have been made irrelevant and corrupt.
 We have had four direct Military Rules in our Country. All failed to deliver and got sucked into the Black Hole of Feudalism.

This is the sad story of what we have done to this beautiful and lovely Country of ours.

The Net Result is that we have lost our direction and have deviated from the Path of Truth and Justice.
Peace and prosperity are directly proportional to the level of Truth and Justice that prevails in a society. Have a glance around the world and you will find the answer.
We have to retrace, recognize and revert back to the Path of Truth and Justice.
This is also the essence of the Religion, The Sirat e Mustaqeem.

No Angel is going to come, We have to do it all by ourselves and that too pretty quickly.
We are already sinking and unless we wake up quickly, we are going to drown.
May Allah Grant us sanity and vision to retrace recognize and revert back to the
Sirat e Mustaqeem.

The Dharna in Islamabad is not a joke. It remains as effective today as it has ever been. It has actually achieved its purpose. The level of awareness given to the masses by it is just not measurable. It is first genuine effort to Breakaway from the system and to move towards real democracy and Reformation of society.
It is Not an easy Task.

It means that there will be real Accountability. That is why we saw the Drama in our beloved Parliament for over a week in end Aug early Step.

Judiciary is NO different. It is in fact an extended Arm of the Executive. It is not an independent body at all.



That is why everyone is trying to save the So Called System (read continued loot and plunder without any question being asked)

Self interest of all corrupt government functionaries starting from Peon right up to Prime Minister is involved.
Self interest of the entire Business class and Industrial elite is involved.
Self interest of civil, military Elite
Self interest of All The Mafias, which are controlling most things
Self interest of Entire lot of Tax Evaders.

We need to see the Game Plan and stand on the Right Side.

One cannot see into the Future, but I am convinced that God Forbid if this Movement Fails, we as a Nation are going to FAIL.


Written By Shahid Mehmood

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